Windquest Farm circa 2005
( A work in progress )


              The farm is sold (<- Click for Many more Pics) , but the many memories and friends that it created for us,
                                                                     still remain in our hearts


PickleBall Players
in The Villages - click HERE to see the date and times of all Open Beginner court times (green).
and for when we're busy (orange) click HERE .  I'm trying to find a way to overlay these two calendars as it does
when I look at 'em, but so far no luck!




   A few of our many lifetime friends with many more not shown as yet, and yes,          

Another photo soon

plus a link of course



Click the above photo to meet a few of the Bayshore Snow Birds

Our new life in Bayshore Village Take a look at our trip across the  Southern USA - Click the Pic

 know it's a mess, I just need time to put it all together       



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