One of my articles for the Bayshore Banner publication

The lineup at a set of six courts in The Villages FL.

A picture's worth a thousand words. It's been stated in previous articles for the BayShore Banner that Pickleball is the
fastest growing sport in North Ammerica and nothing can illustrate that fact better than the above picture taken at "The
Villages" in Florida. They have 168 courts there and still the lineups grow. And why is that? Because no other sport
offers the enjoyment, the inclusivity, accessibility (more so in Bayshore) and health benefits that PickleBall does.
Yes it's a silly name - get over it. As a relatively new game, it has no traditional socio-economic, cultural or age
barriers, requires a relatively basic skill set and is governed by simple rules.
A former tennis player considers the game to be 50 percent mental, it is age and gender-neutral, and, to
quote a professional racquet ball player, "As you get older, your joints canít handle what they used to. Pickleball is
really easy on the body."
So there you have it. As the picture below shows, the lineups at Bayshore are considerably shorter. So once again and for
the last time, this spring we will be running PickleBall 101, a brief introduction for beginners or a refresher for others.
Date(s) and time(s) will be announced by email and notices when the Bayshore courts become usable.
Contact John Alden (the Commish) at 705-242-9293 if you can't wait to learn more.

        The lineup at Bayshore (two courts)